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Products & Services - Our Services

The development of VHO’s product lines has been evolutionary, and we are constantly improving and expanding our offerings in an effort to meet the increasing and changing needs of our clients.

Our firm provides Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services that include; MOBIS (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services), Consulting Services, Engineering Services, Health Systems Architecture, Facilitation Services and Fulfillment Services, Support Services, Privatization Support Services and Documentation, and Executive Training Services; Internet Filtering Software; Certified Value Added Reseller.

VHO provides management consulting and technical services through nine core service areas:

Supply Services Offerings:

Products & Services - Alliance Partner Program

Websense Internet-Filtering Software

Websense Internet–Filtering Software

Websense®, the global leader in integrated Web, messaging, and data security, enables its customers’ success by protecting essential information in the Web 2.0 world.

Only Websense® solutions provide complete visibility and control over who may use Web, email, or information resources; what information must be protected; how information can be exchanged; and where users and information can go on the Internet.

Websense® keeps employees productive on any network, anytime and anywhere, to help businesses realize the full potential of constant connectivity while minimizing the risks of data leaks due to human error and malicious attacks. Websense® is Essential Information Protection™.

Security Business-Processes for your organization can be streamlined [toward FISMA - HIPAA - SOX Compliance] and AUTOMATED by using a very important TOOL called Websense DSS Websense "Data Security Suite."

VHO has partnered with Websense, Inc. since 1999.

Please go to: www.websense.com/global/en/ProductsServices/DSS/

Websense Data Security Suite is the leading solution for comprehensive data loss prevention to:

  • Prevent data leaks and secure a competitive advantage.
  • Discover and classify data stored throughout the enterprise and improve business processes.
  • Manage regulatory compliance and privacy of customer information.

Websense TRITON
Watch these three minute videos to learn how the Websense® TRITON™ solution gives you enterprise-class security for Web, data, and email.

Websense Data Security Suite prevents internal and external data leaks, improves business processes, and manages compliance and risk by discovering where data is located, monitoring its use, protecting it, and securing who and what goes where and how.
websense TRITON

Websense TRITON Video
Visual & Soundtrack Video


Audio presentation
Speech (Overview) Video


Websense Security Labs:
Websense Security Labs - video  

Websense Security Labs discovers, investigates, and reports on advanced Internet threats that traditional security research methods miss.



Websense Advanced Classification Engine
Delivering the best security for modern threats

Websense Ace

Other Websense Products that should be installed, toward greater Information Assurance, within your Organization:

Websense Web Security Suite:
www.websense.com/global/en/ProductsServices/WSSecuritySuite/ > > >
Websense security screen

Websense Client Policy Manager:

Websense Remote Filtering:
(for better protection of your Laptop Computers)

Please watch the Demo:

Websense Data Security Demo

Includes use of Websense License for duration of coverage *** daily database downloads, software maintenance and Standard Pre-Sale EXPERT Telephone Technical Support at: (858) 458-2940.5AM to 5PM Pacific Time M-F.


Includes use of WebSENSE license for duration of coverage - daily database downloads, software maintenance and telephone technical support at: (858) 458-2940.

WebSense is the best selling.... most mature Internet-Control solution.... World-wide.

WebSense should:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Legal Liability
  • Reduce the need to Buy More Bandwidth
  • Help Control Current Security Threats


  • Health Care
  • Corporate Managers
  • Financial/Bank/Insurance
  • IT Professionals
  • Government/Public Sector
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Manufacturing
Websense Information Attack Center

Websense, recognized as one of Forbes Magazine's 2004 "Top 25 Technology Companies," serves more than 20,600 customers (organizations) worldwide, representing 16.4 million seats. (A seat is an Internet-User (based on Distinct IP Addresses)

Thank you for your continuing interest in Websense.


Clark Tibbs

Vertical Horizons One, Inc.

Office Phone: (740) 366-9013
Fax: (740) 366-5230
E-mail: VHO@adelphia.net -or- CTA@ee.net

STATE OF TEXAS - CISV INFORMATION VID: 1-31-179-7173-200 Vendor Number: 42356 CLASS / ITEM CODES AVAILABLE: 208-88 Software, Monitoring Statement of Guarantee (VHO, Inc. shall make available equivalent replacement parts for a product sold to the State of Texas for at least 3 years after a product(s) is/are discontinued.) Standard Websense Maintenance, Repair and Support Plan Includes use of Websense license for duration of coverage - daily database downloads, software maintenance and Telephone Technical Support at: (858) 458-2940 Monday to Friday 6AM to 5PM Pacific Time - Fed. Holidays Observed.

Notice to End-Users within the State of Texas ONLY who subscribe to the CISV Program or the Texas Building and Procurement Commission! Please contact Clark Tibbs at VHO Inc. [740-366-9013] for the most recent List Pricing for Websense Software. VHO regularly offers discounts on volume subscription purchases.


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