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Products & Services: Concept Development

Vertical Horizons One (VHO) helps companies to become more strategy focused with their proven track record as efficiency experts. VHO is the market leader in offering a uniquely innovative approach in maximizing the potential of operational concepts.

We have designed and launched numerous concept development strategies and products for our industry specific and government customers. A key deliverable form our work is the ability to operationalize and showcase key technologies of developmental systems. Our extensive operational experience and technical expertise are fully integrated which enables us to serve as an effective interface between combat units, the requirements and acquisition communities, and defense industry. Our concept work is recognized and accepted by current warfighters at all levels-from the field to the Joint Staff.

VHO's operational concepts begin with a thorough investigation of the operational considerations and support requirements. We then overlay the application of new and emerging technologies to military requirements in a future timeframe. Through an iterative process between users and developers, VHO makes an initial assessment of how the new system could be employed, in conjunction with the other existing and developmental systems that together will comprise the future mission environment. VHO’s operational concepts provide a viability assessment based on warfighter current and evolving needs,. Our process helps us to identify the key system characteristics with the most operational impact, as well as identify interface requirements with other systems and programs. The resulting product provides a true platform for innovation and a solid foundation for functional trade-off analyses, support rationale for programmatic decisions, and underpins the marketing and system engineering efforts.

VHO operational concepts are offered in accordance to the following protocols:

  1. Concept of Operations (ConOps): The foundation document for the development or refinement of operational requirements. This visionary document projects the strategic and operational employment of new technologies into the future System-of-Systems Joint warfighting environment, emphasizing the integration and interoperability of emergent systems. Often required for program initiation and to obtain continued funding support.
  2. Concept of Employment (COE): This document is derived from the overarching ConOps and details the employment of a specific developmental system in the Joint context at both the operational and tactical levels of war.
  3. Operational Vignettes: Operational vignettes show employment of specified weapons/C2 systems in scenarios designed to highlight specific attributes and/or limitations, and provide operational context to frame modeling and simulation or trade studies.
  4. Operational Architectures: Through the blended use of ConOps, COEs, and Vignettes, VHO provides the operational foundation for the development of system C2 architectures. Starting with the derived operational views, VHO builds the ASD C3I architecture framework that is required at each Milestone of the DoD and DoT requirements/acquisition process.

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